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Free space Acousto-Optic components

Quanta Tech: free space Acousto-optic components from 180nm up to 11µm...
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Fiber pigtailed Acousto-Optic components

Quanta Tech: fiber pigtailed components from 400nm up to 2200nm...
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RF drivers for Acousto-Optic components

Quanta Tech: Radio frequency drivers matched to Acousto-optic performances...
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RF Electronics for Optical applications

Quanta Tech: Custom designs and standard Radio frequency electronics for optical applications...
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“ We work every day to provide you with the best standard and bespoke solutions. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. ”

About Quanta Tech

Electronic componentQuantaTech is specialized in providing acousto-optic solutions in USA, Canada and South America. This includes the widest range of standard acousto-optic components and radio frequency drivers covering wavelength range from deep UV (180 nm) to far infrared (11 µm), as well as frequency drivers up to 3 GHz, 500 Watts CW.

The standard range includes Acousto-optic Modulators, Pulses pickers, Deflectors, Frequency shifters, Fiber pigtailed devices, Tunable filters, Polychromatic modulators, Q-switches… Fixed and variable Frequency sources and power Amplifiers.

Quanta Tech propose its products for laboratories, universities or industries in small quantities or volume production for O.E.M., focussing on quality, performance and innovation. Do not hesitate to contact us for a standard product or any custom requirement.