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Multi channels drivers for Polychromatic Modulators

MPDS – Multi Purposes Digital Synthesizers

The MPDSnC driver, based on DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer), has been specially designed in order to exploit the best of the AOTFnC features. It offers up to 8 single channels mixed in one output.

Its compact design with single power supply, low RF emissions and ease of use will satisfy the most demanding of applications, where accuracy and flexibility are key requirements. Thanks to its complete digital design and integrated microcontroller setting up is fast, simple and repeatable. Access to and adjustments of functions is simple with either an Android tablet (with remote control adjustment) or through a RS232 serial link (with computer control) or USB communication.

All parameters are stored in an EEPROM and are automatically loaded after each switch on. Each line is externally controlled by a distinct modulation input signal which can be digital or analog. Additionally, all lines can be simultaneously controlled by a blanking signal which produces smooth effects without modifying the colorimetric balance. The combination of the modulation input and blanking signals provides the best extinction ratio performance (> 100 dB).


Additional information

ModelMPDSnC driver, 1, 4 or 8 channels
Number of channels1, 4, 8
Frequency rangeWill be adapted to AO up to 200 MHz
Frequency stability+/- 2 ppm / °C
Frequency accuracy< 1 KHz
Frequency stepNom 1 KHz
Frequency controlRemote Control or USB, Option : RS232
Rise/Fall Time (10-90%)< 50 ns
Modulation Input ControlAnalog 0-5 V / 10 kOhms or Analog 0-10 V / kOhms
Blanking input ControlAnalog 0-5 V or Analog 0-10 V / kOhms (option TTL)
Power SupplyOEM version : 24 VDC - nom 0,85 A Laboratory version : 110/230 VAC - 50Hz60 Hz
Extinction ratio @ 125 MHzMOD IN > 80dB typ 90 dB BLK > 70 dB typ 80 dB MOD IN + BLK > 90 dB typ 100 dB
Output RF power22 dBm per channel [up to 36 dBm]
Output Impedance50 ohms
V.S.W.R.Nom < 1,5/1
Input/Output connectorsDB25 / SMA (DB9 for RS232)
SizeOEM version: MDS (207 x 127 x 26,1 mm3), MPDS (154 x 92 x 26.1mm3) Laboratory version: Rack 19’’, 1U
WeightOEM version: <1 kg Laboratory version: nom 4 kg
Heat exchangeOEM version: Conduction Laboratory version: standalone
Operating temperature10 to 40 °C

USB/RS232 software for MPDS/MDS