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Phase locked multi channels DDS

MPDS1Cx : Multi outputs DDS locked in phase

AA offers multi-outputs (2 to 8) fixed or variable frequency drivers based on DDS, with phase locked outputs. Based on a common Reference clock, they allow user to create multiple phase locked signals at the same frequency, or stable frequency difference between outputs thanks to the common Reference.

Access to and adjustments of functions is simple with either an Android tablet (with remote control adjustment) or through a RS232 serial link (with computer control) or USB communication.

All parameters are stored in an EEPROM and are automatically loaded after each switch on. Each output is externally controlled by a distinct modulation input signal which can be digital or analog. Additionally, outputs can be simultaneously controlled by a blanking signal.


Additional information

Number of channels1,2
Number of outputs2 to 8
Frequency range20 - 200 MHz
Frequency stability+/- 2 ppm / °C
Frequency accuracy< 1 KHz
Frequency stepNom 1 KHz
Frequency controlRemote Control or USB, Option : RS232
Rise/Fall Time (10-90%)< 50 ns
Modulation Input ControlAnalog 0-5 V / 10 kOhms
Blanking input ControlAnalog 0-5 V (option TTL)
Power SupplyOEM version : 24 VDC - nom 0,85 A Laboratory version : 110/230 VAC - 50Hz60 Hz
Extinction ratio @ 125 MHzMOD IN > 80dB typ 90 dB BLK > 70 dB typ 80 dB MOD IN + BLK > 90 dB typ 100 dB
Output RF powerup to 0 up to 36 dBm per channel (on request)
Operating temperature10 to 40 °C