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VCO (Voltage controlled oscilators)

A Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) is an oscillator with an output signal whose output can be varied over a specific frequency range, which is controlled by the input DC voltage. It is an oscillator whose output frequency is directly related to the voltage applied by used at its input (FM control).

The sweeping time is a key parameter of the VCO: this is the minimum necessary time to switch or sweep from minimum frequency to maximum frequency or reverse.

The VCO can be amplitude modulated from an external analog signal (AM). An external power amplifier can be required to generate the requested RF power level.


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Frequency range50-110, 60-150, 90-210, 150-300, 200-350 MHz (Other on request)
Frequency control (FM)0-10 V/ 10 Kohms
Amplitude control (AM)0-5 V / 50 Ohms
Sweeping Time≤1 μs (Fmin to Fmax)
Power Supply24VDC (or 110-230 VAC on request)
Output RF PowerNominal 0 dBm (to be matched with AA power amplifier)